Fleet Labor Discount Schedule

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Labor rates for our Services

We offer discounted Labor rates according to fleet size. In the table below, fleet size means the total number of power units (Tractors, Bobtails, Yard shuttles etc.) in your fleet. If you have a large number of trailers please call for a custom quote so we can factor in the size of your trailer fleet.

Services provided at these discounted rates include any Onsite repairs and Emergency Roadside Assistance. These discounts and services are available only to Customers who contract us to perform their B.I.T. and D.O.T. inspections along with all oil changes and general repairs with the exception of repairs that we do not offer.

On Service calls we charge a portal to portal charge in lieu of a set Service Charge.



Rate Description Hourly rate
General labor rate $ 75.00
Fleet size 10-30 units $ 65.00
Fleet size 31-125 units Quote

** Or $60 per hour, with no markup on materials.


Larger fleets, please call for a special quote

Our services can be tailored or changed to accommodate any Customerís needs. Just ask for special assistance, we are happy to help.



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